Drop Waist Dress

Hello hello,

Happy Monday!  In honor of the start of the work week I’d like to share with you all a brand new make that I love SO MUCH that I’ve already worn it 3 different times since I made it.  Which was less than 7 days ago.  But ah….different cardigan, different outfit amIright?
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Katy & Laney Tap Shorts!

I’m so, so excited to introduce these tap shorts.  When Katy and Laney introduced this pattern at Crafty Foxes Sewing Club I was pretty intrigued, because when summer comes around there’s nothing I love more than a pair of high waisted shorts.  When Katy said they needed pattern testers, I was all in! The pattern comes with 3 variations, large diagonal pleats, diagonal seam lines, and angled side pockets with a front fly.
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Leather and Liberty clutch

I think my latest obsession has arrived! Leather, leather, leather. I have been accumulating and hoarding small pieces of leather over the past few months every time I see it on sale.  But I was too afraid to dive in and make anything with it until just this week.  AND I’M IN LOVE.


I cant tell you exactly what kind of leather this is, since lezbereal, I dug it out of a bargain bin. But it was labeled as EITHER goat or lambskin, so it must be one of the two. I vaguely envisioned making a couple of coin purses when I purchased it, but it seemed too wonderful to cut into tiny pieces when I got it home so I opted for a laptop sleeve in the end.




This Liberty of London print was practically MADE  to go with this red leather. When I was looting through my stash for something to line the bag with and came across this scrap, I immediately danced around in excitement.  Basically, I’m in love with this combo.


Unfortunately, despite my haphazard careful sizing of this bag, my laptop did not even come close to fitting through the opening.  I believe the root of the problem is the zipper. It would have been better to make a zipper that goes across the top and down the side a bit.  I saw a tutorial for this (and really the whole thing she’s making here is too cute) on craft passion, but I was afraid to try any around-the-corner zip installation on my first leather project.


Despite being a lost cause as a laptop sleeve, I am quite pleased with it and have been using it as a little clutch instead.  It fits all my essentials and I mean IT’S ADORABLE.  All told, it cost about $16 to make. The leather was $15, and the zip and interfacing make up the other $1.  The lining was just a large leftover scrap from last summer’s Datura, so I’m not counting that. American Apparel is charging $65 for these bitches.  The AA version doesn’t appear to be lined and according to their website, 14 of the colors on offer contain too much lead to be sold in the state of California,  so I think I made out pretty well all told….


The Illyria Hat

I knit this hat using a pattern I bought online from Ravelry– it’s the Illyria Hat by a designer named Bristol Ivy. She has some really cute patterns up there. This is my first time buying a knitting pattern through Ravelry and I was not disappointed.
20140327-160244.jpgThe pattern is a very pretty asymmetrical cable which comes out looking like a tree. I made it up just as written in the pattern, with no alterations.  I used some Lamb’s Pride bulky from my mom’s stash (which may tide me over until I die) in an olive green which I knew my boyfriend Dan would love.  I gave it to him for Valentine’s Day, which yes I KNOW was ages ago, but I haven’t gotten around to blogging it until now. 20140327-160303.jpg20140327-160310.jpgAnd I know what you’re thinking “but this is a sewing blog!” but hey, I was a knitter before I was a sewer, so this is just a little throwback to my roots.  I do like to keep at least one knitting project on the go at all times so that I have something to do while I watch a movie or on long car rides.  I like to stay busy….but it’s hard to take a serger on the bus so I’ll stick to my double points for now.

20140327-160317.jpgIn fact I loved the pattern so much that I decided to make another one in a different color for my Brother’s birthday. I still have more of that Lamb’s Pride bulky so I may yet make more….. Wouldn’t it be cute if everyone in my family had matching hats ala Molly Weasley?  Perhaps I’m getting a bit ahead of myself….20140327-162443.jpg


And we finish with a GIF.

Foxy pencil skirt

20140222-185519.jpgI saw this Fabric last week at Grey’s Fabric and Notions, where I go for a Wednesday night sewing club (I know what you’re thinking, how do I pack so many thrills into my life??).  It called out to me from the bolt.  If you’re wondering what does the fox say ,I can tell you it’s saying “make me into a little pencil skirt!”  20140222-185452.jpgI used the same pattern that I used for this guy in sweater knit and this guy in stretch velvet.  That is to say, not a pattern at all but self drafted from my measurements.  Have I mentioned lately how much I freaking love knits??

20140222-185501.jpgI promise I did eventually hem the thing, but I wanted to take the pictures yesterday before it got dark and postponed the hemming, hence the way it’s rolling up.


The weather was gorgeous this weekend so we finally got to take some pictures outside. I am really looking forward to a return to the carefree springtime days of outdoor photos.  Now that we’re in the depths of horrible frozen February, if it’s not too cold out to take pictures, then it’s definitely too dark out. 

I’ve got some exciting other stuff in the hopper and I can’t wait to share it with all of you when it’s done!  Currently on my sewing table is a 20s style dropped waist dress for a Downton Abbey party I’m going to next week.  I decided to really challenge myself by making some big alterations to the pattern I chose , and also by using some very finicky fabric.  So all told it’s been a very time consuming project, but I am quite pleased with it so far.  I’ll be blogging the finished product next week, so stay tuned!