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I’ll admit I’ve been binge watching Outlander, but this isn’t some kind of time travel post… This is actually my Halloween costume from back in October, but I haven’t got around to posting until now.

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The dress is a McCalls costume pattern. I made it with a linen blend, and added some trim around the neck and armholes. I wanted it to work well as a stand alone piece, for future costume opportunities, and I think it will serve the purpose. The bodice is also a McCalls pattern with some significant alterations that I worked up in faux suede, . I gave the bottom front a slightly more pointed silhouette, to look a bit more Renaissance, I raised the back neckline to give it a slight half collar, and I added the shoulder rolls because well…I watch too much Game of Thrones.

halloween costume 15 - 4 of 7

It was a hell of a lot of work for a couple of Halloween parties, but I plan on getting a LOT of wear out of it at many future Halloweens and Renaissance faires. I love the way it turned out, and I’m hoping to continue to work on it as I have the time. I’d like to eventually add trim around the hem, maybe add some detachable sleeves to the bodice, create a waist belt and matching bag to hang from it.

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My original inspiration for the outfit was this “Archeress Costume” from Pearson Renaissance. The whole getup goes for $600, so I’d say I made out pretty well on this. The fabric was an excellent deal- setting me back about $30. The patterns I snagged during a sale, and got for around $10 total.


Pearson Renaissance’s probably-made-in-China-yet-still-massively-expensive “Archeress” costume. 


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I hope to be able to wear it again soon….it’s a bit early for any ren faires but, maybe a Game of Thrones premier party (hint hint…)??

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My ever patient photographer took a few panos which I think turned out looking really neat, but they’d don’t work very well in the format of a blog post. I wanted to include one anyway, you’ll just have to click on it to see it enlarged.

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  1. Holy crap! You go girl. It looks wonderful. Wear it when you come to Minnesota for the Renaissance festival . You will fit in perfectly. I also think you could have a job working for the Guthrie theatre in costume design. Do not sell yourself short. All o can say is WOW!

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