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Chambray Zinn-amo

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dress: me made; necklace: me made; belt: Anthropologie; shoes: thrifted

alright, I’ll admit it’s been a long blog break- but i’m back again with a bit of a backlog!  Today I’m sharing this lovely Zinn-amo that got a lot of wear this summer and fall. Obviously these photos were taken a few months ago, and the dress has now been put away for the season. Excited to break it out again in the spring, though!

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As the name suggests, this dress is a mash up between two patterns I have worked with previously. The first is the bodice from the Vanamo two piece cocktail dress- a favorite of mine from Named Patterns.  I have made the bodice 4 times now(and the skirt twice, thought not for this cretion), and I’m certainly not done with it. You may recognize it from my last post.  The skirt is a pattern I haven’t used in quite some time- Colette’s Zinnia. 

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The chambray had been in my stash for quite some time, and I pulled it out one Sunday with the intention of whipping up something quick. That’s the real beauty of those tried and true patterns- all the fitting is already done so you know you won’t end up disappointed, and there’s no time spent puzzling over the instructions.  Plus there’s no time wasted on tracing or cutting out pattern pieces- probably the number one reason that I put off starting projects.


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I made no alterations to the skirt pattern, other than to omit the waistband. For the bodice, I lowered the bust darts and shortened the waist darts, and I shaved in the shoulders by a couple of inches- I’m not a huge fan of the wide shoulders on the original pattern. I also have never once sewn the top with a lapped zipper. Lapped zippers, yech.

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I love the way the dress turned out, and it came together very quickly. It’s easy to wear in the summer, and especially easy to ride my bike in. As a city dweller I am a committed bike commuter, and I’m noticing more and more how much the non-bike friendly items in my wardrobe get left in the drawers (I’m looking at you, pencil skirts). The pleated skirt makes this dress perfect the short ride to and from my office, because it allows me to move freely. That’s all for now- stay tuned for more posts, including but not limited to such exciting episodes as Halloween in February, and Christmas 2014 (yeah, not a typo. I’ve been a very bad blogger….)

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