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White Lace Vanamo/Macaron


white lace dress - 7 of 7With this dress, I think I may have reached my pattern nirvana- it’s a franken-pattern cross between my favorite bodice and my favorite skirt. The top is from Named Pattern’s Vanamo two piece cocktail dress, a pattern very near and dear to my heart. In fact I have now made the skirt twice and the top no less than 4 unblogged times…. #futureposts. The skirt is from Colette’s Macaron pattern, which I have also cranked out a couple of times.

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Dress: me made; boots: Frye; belt: anthropologie

Anyway, these two are oldies but goodies, and I knew they would combine well.  I love that I’ve reached a place in my sewing skills where I can reach for a couple of tried and true patterns that I have already fitted and made so many times that I can just whip them up really quickly in any number of different combinations, and that’s what this make represents. white lace dress - 2 of 7

The lace is something I’ve had in my stash for a while, and it’s underlined with gauze- both fabrics are from Sewfisticated. I know that September is a leeetle late for a summer dress like this, but I got a couple of wears out of it and I’m sure I’ll be ready to pick it right back up again come Spring.

white lace dress - 3 of 7My only little screw up on this guy was deciding to cut the bodice back on the fold and use a side zip instead of a back zip like the pattern called for. So, duh my head did not fit through the hole. Please tell me I’m not the only one who always makes this mistake?  Anyway, I just made a little slit in the back to give my head some room. It’s a design feature now….

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One of my favorite thing about the Macaron is those hidden pockets.

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white lace dress - 6 of 7

Now that I’ve gotten the white lace bug out of my system, I’m moving on to my fall sewing queue! I’ve got visions of jackets and jeans and sweaters dancing in my head. Oh yeah, and the usual Christmas-crafting-panic (is there a support group for this?).


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