Kielo Wrap Dress

My Named Clothing obsession continues with no end in sight. Today I bring you the Kielo wrap dress, made up in navy blue knit. The phrase secret pyjamas was made for this outfit. The knit was unlabeled, but it’s so soft and cozy I think it must be rayon. Plus, the tie front gives me all the joy of a maxi dress with none of  the pain of having to suck my gut in every time I get up from my desk at work to walk to the bathroom (which is frequently, because let’s be real, it’s iced tea season).


Dress: me made; boots: thrifted; necklace: from the Magic Gardens in Philadelphia, can’t remember the artist :/; earrings: my mother’s; stray grass seeds: generously provided by natureIMG_7991

I made this dress in probably about three and a half hours one saturday afternoon, and I listened to the Game of Thrones audiobook the entire time. I actually can’t imagine a better way to pass the time….


I made few alterations except to shorten the length a bit. In retrospect I would have also lengthened the slit because as is it really shortens my stride. I also added some twill tape to the shoulder seams to help keep them from stretching out too badly.  The pattern is written for a woven fabric, so I cut it a size or two down from what I normally wear in Named patterns to make sure it would fit properly in the jersey.

I decided to make it months and months ago, when I saw Katy’s version in the flesh and knew that it was destined to be the maxi of my dreams.  It took me a while to find the right fabric, but my devotion never faltered. Anybody else feeling the named addiction as much as I am?

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