Silk Drop Waist Dress

Does it look familiar? MUAHAHAHA.  Yeah, I’ve made this pattern 4 times. No regrets. Truly the possibilities are endless- pleated, straight, circle, and now I bring you gathered! 


Dress: me made; shoes: ; boyfriend: not available for retail sale.

Yes, it’s the good old Louisa drop waist dress from our friends over at burdastyle. I made this version out of silk crepe to wear to a crafty Vermont wedding. The inspiration was this dress from needsupply.com with an alleged “silky texture.” Frankly, I knew I could do better than $78 for a polyester dress.  For my version, the silky texture comes from real silk, and the pricetag was about $20.


As you’ve probably guessed, these photos are from the wedding itself, which was held in a state park. It was such a beautiful wedding, and very DIY. The bride loves blue (her dress was blue too!), so I would love to say that’s why I picked blue fabric, but looking back on every other version I’ve made, they’re all blue too! Stick to what you love, I guess.


I have no plans to stop making this dress. I love the shape, and it’s endlessly customizable. I just keep redrafting the skirt and neckline and making it in different fabric- at this point I estimate I can knock it out in about 4 hours.


In truth I’m not in love with the gold binding I put on the neck and armholes. I think it looks alright for a dressy occasion, but I wanted the dress to also be dress down-able for the office. And at the end of the day gold trim just isn’t exactly my style.  I may take it off, I may never get around to it- but leave me a comment with what you think!  Maybe I’ll just make another one…..

Here’s the dress in disguise as business casual:


4 thoughts on “Silk Drop Waist Dress”

  1. You guys are just downright glamorous! But what are you doing in the woods dressed like that? It’s like you just walked out of church and somehow found yourself in a Cretaceon jungle and Daniel has to sweep you up and flee from the rabid reptiles…. But otherwise, I’ve been browsing your site and shit, you could be a fashion designer! Impressive stuff, I’m serious. I know I don’t have to tell you this, but keep it up! Much Love to both of you, Alex.

    1. That’s exactly what happened! No just kidding, we were at an outdoor wedding, that’s why we were in the woods. Thanks! Your blog is looking really good as well, funny stuff. Hope to see you soon!

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