Striped Silk Skirt

A while back I dug some striked silk dupioni out of the remnant pile at sewfisticated and knew that I loved it but couldn’t figure out what on earth I’d make out of it besides an absurdly unwearable party dress (got too many of those already, folks). I was going to put it back but my friend suggested it would make an excellently funky pencil skirt. Lo and behold, she was right.

IMG_7332 Skirt: me made; tank: American Apparel; blazer: thrifted; shoes: thrifted

You can tell how long ago I took these pictures by the fact that I’m wearing tights- sorry I kept this from you for so long! Frankly, I don’t know how I have lived 27 years of life without this skirt.  It’s just. So. Good.


I paired it with this (also funky) thrifted tweed blazer as a bit of a joke initially, but I immediately recognized it for the pattern matching win that it is when I looked in the mirror. #tweedparachute.



For a less fashion forward get-up, it’s also pretty rad sans blazer. To make the skirt, I used the straight up burda style skirt sloper. I expected it to be my next big go-to skirt to sew in many colors, and by rights it should have been. But oh how the eye wanders. Didn’t somebody say something about thou shalt not covet thy neightbors sewing pattern? Anyway, suffice it to say there’s a new skirt in town and OH MAN.  Stay posted….


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