My most-worn makes of 2014

Dear readers, If you’ve ever wondered “where the hell does she wear all that crap?”  then your pondering is at an end ! Read on to find out which of my makes have stood the test of time to become wardrobe staples.

The Jeans


Honestly, is anyone surprised by this? My love for these jeans is beyond measure.  I wear them almost every day.  They are hands down my most worn make of…ever.  I’m kept up nights worrying that I may unwittingly destroy my beloved creation through overuse…



Maybe she’s born with it.  Maybe it’s that BEAUTIFUL ARCHER. What more can I say about this top?  A chambray button down will always be a classic.

Wiksten 1


Love those clashing brights.  I wear this outfit A LOT.  Coincidentally I bought a big piece of the same print in red and green and used it for a Christmas dinner tablecloth.  Then had difficulty resisting the urge to wear the dress to Christmas dinner. #matchymatch

Wiksten 2


I still love this lace top!  It looks fantastic under a blazer in the winter and everyone is so impressed by it.  If they only knew how easy it was…

Drop Waist Dress


I sewed this guy in ponte, and made sure to sneak a pocket into the side seam.  Comfortable AND practical, kids.  It’s a win-win. I wear it all the time.

Leather bag


Undeservedly, this little brown tote got shafted it’s rightful blog post- a real shame, because I use this puppy constantly, and get many compliments on it from covetous passerby.  It’s the product of a discount scrap fished off of the leather table one Saturday afternoon, and the beginning of a beautiful love affair.  With leather.  A girls best friend.

And honorable mention goes out to my velvet flapper dress, which has served me well not only as a halloween costume, but also as my formal-night outfit on a cruise,  AND it may do another lap at this year’s WGBH Downton Abbey party.  The geometry top has also served me well (and there’s a second, more magnificent and less blogged version which you may see soon).

And that’s all, folks.  Stay tuned for a roundup of me-made Christmas presents, many of which were just as belated as that post will be!

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