Here they are- the long awaited jeans!

I cranked these out last weekend in a sewing bender that started Saturday afternoon and kept on going until late Sunday night.  They are the Wyome Boyfriend Jeans by Named. My love for Named is well documented (here, here, and here), but these pants really take it to the next level.


IMG_4679Jeans: me made; Shoes: thrifted; Belt: thrifted; T-shirt: American Apparel; Cardigan: stolen from boyfriend.


I LOVE this pattern! I made a muslin to start with, but they fit so well that I decided to make them up with no alterations.  The only changes I made to the pattern were to put in a zip fly rather than a button fly.


I also changed up the order in which I constructed them a bit- I read a lot of how-tos online before I got started and while I was working.  My go-tos were the Male Pattern Boldness Jeans Sewalong and the Thread Cult podcast on Jeans (does anyone else listen to this podcast?  I really like it).  What I read  encouraged me to construct the whole front and whole back separately and then sew them together, so that’s what I did!


I am beyond pleased at how these turned out- I have been wearing them constantly.  They are hands down my favorite thing that I have ever sewn.  I am planning another pair very soon- maybe fleece lined this time for winter?  If I can get away without wearing long underwear this year, I will do it!


The secret to my success on these was that I set up a bit of an assembly line.  I have two sewing machines, and I set both of them up, along with my serger.  I loaded the denim topstitching thread into one machine, kept my topstitching foot on it, and set the stitch length to 4.  Then on my other machine, I kept the regular foot, thread and stitch length.  That way I could stitch a seam, serge it, and then topstitch it without having to mess with the settings on the machine.  I think this really saved me some time.  It had the additional benefit of taking up a lot of space in my apartment.  I knew I had to finish quickly and take down the assembly line before my roommates got annoyed!


I can’t believe how well these jeans fit- when I bought the pattern, I knew that I wanted a pair of boyfriend fit jeans, but I had no idea how well these were going to come out.


I did have one little hiccup, though.  I can’t figure out how to make the buttonhole!  The waistband is too thick to fit under my buttonhole foot.  So I’ve been hiding that fact under my belt…

Does anyone have any tips for putting buttonholes in really bulky spots?

11 thoughts on “Jeans!”

  1. aweeeeome! As if you didn’t already know that. I am seriously impressed having not yet achieved my pants goal. Also most excellent photos! You’re an all rounder, my dear

    1. Thank you! I can’t take full credit for the photos, though. We borrowed the camera from a friend and Dan took the photos. And of course the farm is basically an urban outfitters catalogue waiting to happen. They should probably start charging me for my photoshoots, ha ha.

  2. These are so cool! And what a luxury to find a jeans pattern that fits straight out of the envelope (printer)! The fussing with the fit alterations is why I always need to mentally prepare for sewing pants… 😀

  3. These look great! I’ve got the pattern, just need the denim! I recently made some jeans and hand sewed the buttonhole for ease. Didn’t take too long and took the stress of forcing it under my machine.

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