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That time I finally made something for someone else

Earlier this summer, I was suffering from a self imposed fabric buying ban.  I was saving up to pay the tuition on a web development class which I am currently taking- so I had to pinch some pennies and curb my insatiable desire for MORE FABRIC.  Let me tell you, it was trying.  I focused on sewing down my stash, which has gone fairly well so far.

linen shirt - 1 But then I saw this gorgeous gray linen, and my resolve began to slip. I tried to think of a creative solution to my conundrum (besides shoplifting, that is).  What I came up with was that my boyfriend really needed a new shirt.  So I convinced HIM to buy the fabric! You might consider this to be a bit of bending of the rules, but it helps that we got an amazing deal on the linen.

I had previously attempted to sew Dan a shirt, using the Negroni pattern, but I have embarrassingly never quite finished it.  It  is well on it’s way, but just a bit too tight on him- so it’s lying in the UFO pile.  For this shirt, I wanted a more classic cut- so I went with a vogue pattern- V8096. I must say that I enjoyed every minute of sewing this shirt. I love the way a button down shirt goes together like origami, with all that clever construction to hide the seams on the inside.

linen shirt - 7

This is Dan doing his best model face.  Isn’t he handsome?

linen shirt - 9

I was nervous while I was sewing it up that he might not like it. I also was afraid that it might come out looking too homemade, and then I couldn’t blame him for not wanting to wear it.   Luckily for me,  it came out great and he loves it! And hey, I think it looks pretty good on me too:



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