White Lace Wiksten

Times have been a bit tough over at the Crafty Foxes Sewing Club of late.  Not only is Sarah Grey moving away to the wild wilderness of Michigan (on the map I’m pretty sure it’s just labeled “thar be quilt shops”). But we are also losing our other favorite Sarah to a new job down south. I tell you, we’re going to be a sad crafty bunch when these lovely ladies depart.  The only upside to this is that there is some serious stash cleansing going on.  Sarah hooked me up with this gorgeous white lace a couple of weeks ago, and I knew it was time to conquer my fear of white fabric.



I’ve had a couple of mishaps already, but with my Tide to Go stick ever at the ready, I persevere. IMG_7743

I made this guy from the Wiksten tank pattern.  This pattern is my new darling, let me tell ya. I’ve got another one in the blog queue in some gorgeous chambray, so stay tuned for that.  The pattern is just so versatile.  I think it’s going to be a real stash buster for me.

I was lucky enough this past Sunday to be graced with the excellent photography skills of fellow crafty foxes and bloggers Peneloping, Katy, and Cashmerette.  My boyfriend’s been doing his best with my iPhone (and doing pretty darn well, too), but the iPhone just can’t stand up to the majesty of these SLR photos.






It works just as well tucked as untucked.  I purposely chose not to underline the lace because I wanted the lining and the overlay to hang separately at the hem.  So it’s all tacked together at the armholes, neckline, and shoulder sleeves, but everything’s flowin’ freely from there on down.


So far my favorite way to wear it has been with big bright high tops, high waisted shorts, and big hoops.  I’ve also dressed it up for work with a pencil skirt and flats.


And of course it really goes best with

“You MADE that??”

“Why yes, yes I did thank you.”

7 thoughts on “White Lace Wiksten”

  1. This is such a cute top – I love this in lace – I am a huge fan of Sorbetto for a basic tank. I made a couple of linen ones earlier this summer and I wear them all the time


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