Me Made May ’14 + Indie Sewing Month!

Me Made May is here! This will be my very first Me Made May, and I’m pledging to wear at least one handmade item every day this month.  Thought this is mostly going to consist of made from scratch outfits, I’m including refashioned items in here, since I do have a couple of reworked bits and pieces kicking around my closet.  Also due to my recent foray into sewing with leather, I have some kick-ass me made accessories!



My plan is to participate mainly via instagram, so check me out there to see what I come up with daily if you’re into that.  For fun though, here’s day 1:



I’m wearing a never-been-blogged silk peplum blouse, which is actually a refashion of a huge, oversized 1980s shoulder pad number that I found at savers.  The clutch you probably recognize from this post, and the necklace is one I made from a chandelier crystal.

If you’ve made it this far and have no idea what I’m talking about, then check out the post on So Zo What Do You Know to get the full rundown!

May is turning out to be a very exciting month, as it is also Sewing Indie Month!

Sewing Indie Month

I’m pretty excited about this one!  I’m planning to enter at least one of the challenges….perhaps more, we’ll see. One that I have my eye on is the pattern hacking challenge, because I love a good pattern hack.  Dressed to the nines also seems up my alley since I LOVE sewing fancy dresses, but one month may not be quite enough for me to pull that off.


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