The Illyria Hat

I knit this hat using a pattern I bought online from Ravelry– it’s the Illyria Hat by a designer named Bristol Ivy. She has some really cute patterns up there. This is my first time buying a knitting pattern through Ravelry and I was not disappointed.
20140327-160244.jpgThe pattern is a very pretty asymmetrical cable which comes out looking like a tree. I made it up just as written in the pattern, with no alterations.  I used some Lamb’s Pride bulky from my mom’s stash (which may tide me over until I die) in an olive green which I knew my boyfriend Dan would love.  I gave it to him for Valentine’s Day, which yes I KNOW was ages ago, but I haven’t gotten around to blogging it until now. 20140327-160303.jpg20140327-160310.jpgAnd I know what you’re thinking “but this is a sewing blog!” but hey, I was a knitter before I was a sewer, so this is just a little throwback to my roots.  I do like to keep at least one knitting project on the go at all times so that I have something to do while I watch a movie or on long car rides.  I like to stay busy….but it’s hard to take a serger on the bus so I’ll stick to my double points for now.

20140327-160317.jpgIn fact I loved the pattern so much that I decided to make another one in a different color for my Brother’s birthday. I still have more of that Lamb’s Pride bulky so I may yet make more….. Wouldn’t it be cute if everyone in my family had matching hats ala Molly Weasley?  Perhaps I’m getting a bit ahead of myself….20140327-162443.jpg


And we finish with a GIF.

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