Pencil skater in sweater knit


I resisted the Lady Skater for a long time.  I saw many beautiful versions of it all over the internet, but that swingy skirt is just not for me.  I have one silhouette and that is pencil. There is no fit and flare.  Only fit and fit.  I digress….

I found this sweater knit at sewfisticated and I knew it needed to become a cozy sweater dress.  So I broke down and bought the lady skater pattern, and decided to do a bit of franken-patterning.  I used the same self drafted pencil skirt pattern that I used for this little velvet version from last week.  It turns out, the lady skater is fucking awesome and I plan to make about 5 more (more sweater knit is winging/fed-exing its way towards me as we speak).

Here it is sans-accessories.


I’m going to really have to work on the neckline binding for the next one- you can kind of see in the pictures how it gets skinny on the lefthand side.  Though my love affair with my new serger is passionate,  it’s still in it’s early stages.  AKA sometimes the thing sort of runs off on me, chopping away and looping like crazy and fucks something up irreversibly. But I love it so

Also I cut out the wrong size and had to take it in a ton.  I was waaayyy too lazy to unpick the sleeves and take them in properly though, so the shoulders are a bit wonky.  Next time I’ll just cut a smaller size.  I may also put little buttonholes into those cuffs so that I can stick my thumbs through them.  It’s so COZY.  I don’t know if my knits craze will ever end.  THERE IS NO ZIPPER.  I repeat, absolutely no closures.  No darts, no bullshit, it took about 3 hours, and it just fucking fits exactly right.

aaaand I’ll leave you with the back view.


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  1. Looking good, MacKenzie! I’ve been looking for sweater knits for ages – why didn’t I think of the internet? Now to learn to love sewing…

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