Velvet skirt

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Thank god for stretch velvet!  I made this skirt in about an hour.  I didn’t have a pattern for a stretch pencil skirt but I figured it couldn’t be that hard, and I used this tutorial. It was really fun and easy- you just take your measurements and then draw a rectangle with the length as the length you want the skirt and the width as your hip measurement,  then you curve in to your waist measurement at the top and then also curve in a couple inches at the bottom to make the skirt tapered. For the waistband I just used the waistband from my Virginia Leggings pattern and doubled the width because I like a nice wide waistband.

The fabric is a purple stretch  velvet I bought at Sewfisticated for $4.99 a yard and  I stitched the whole thing up on my serger.  I got the serger for Christmas and I’m completely thrilled with it.  I could sew knits for daaayyys.  The skirt proved kind of difficult to photograph because it’s such a dark color.  But that’s what instagram is for- right?  I filtered the crap out of the pictures so you could see the color of the velvet.

Once again I’d just like to say eat your heart out American Apparel.  They’re charging $45 for this.  I made mine for about $5.  I also added about 6 inches of length to it compared to the AA version because, well, I’m getting too old for that shit.

AA skirt 20140130-080324.jpg

8 thoughts on “Velvet skirt”

    1. Oh man, it’s so good right? They have it in a bunch of colors at sewfisticated. I almost bought some more last week to make a lady skater and then I remembered that that would probably look ridiculous lol.

        1. oh god, don’t encourage me! I’m convinced that a stretch velvet dress is one of those things you think looks great at the time and then in 15 years your kids are rolling on the floor laughing at pictures of you wearing it.

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