The time is never wrong for floral leggings

I can’t get enough of the Virginia Leggings by Megan Nielsen.  I can make a pair in an hour flat.  So, so easy.  The fabric is a fuzzy floral jersey that was given to me.  So I’m not sure what it is or where it’s from, but the leggings are fun! Check out my last pair here. I’m considering microsuede for the next one.





While taking these pictures I took advantage of the opportunity to show off these new Messeca heels I just bought.  They’re so….practical.  Whatever. They have gold heels, I obviously wasn’t going to say no.


4 thoughts on “The time is never wrong for floral leggings”

  1. Love these leggings! I just got the Papercut ooh la leggings pattern for my birthday. I can’t wait to join the stretchy pants club.

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