My second belladone (and some bonus skyline)


Here’s number two- this time I made it out of a more sophisticated navy blue cotton sateen from  You can see my first one here. 



I constructed the pockets and bias facing out of a contrast print (from Liberty again, obviously because I’m the kind of person that orders the same flavor at every ice cream shop I go to).


I also lowered and shortened the bust darts for a better fit, and I think it fits noticeably better than my first one.   I interfaced the edges of the diagonal pieces in the back to avoid all the gaping that I got with the first one.  It didn’t work.  Hence the “casual” shoulder hunch i’m rocking here.  I used an exposed zipper again.  I fucked it up the first couple of times without any guidance, but I figured it out eventually.  Typical me being in too much of a hurry to look up a how-to, winging it and then having to unpick it and go back, slowing the whole thing down even more than if i’d just taken the time to look up some instructions.

Oh also, here’s that skyline.  That’s basically the view from our new apartment in East Boston.  Jealous much?





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