Going overboard in DC

I’m in DC this week for a work trip, which I do 3-4 times a year. I always stay with my cousins who live in Alexandria when I’m down there, and my cousin Michele usually squeezes in a trip to one outlet or another while I’m there…
Today she took me to the Crate and Barrel outlet, where they sell discounted <a href=”https://www.marimekko.com/se#SE”>Marimekko fabric. I’ve heard you can get a really good deal on it there, but I didn’t realize what an incredible markdown it would be. At $40/yard, Marimekko is normally something I would steer clear of, but here they had it for $4/yard. “What a fucking steal!” I exclaimed to myself, in front of some child.
Wasting no time, I dismissed the parents’ dirty looks and hustled towards the fabric shelves, which were practically groaning under the weight of those precious Finnish prints. I wantonly disregarded other customers as they tried to get at the bolts, spread my shit out everywhere, monopolized the salesgirl’s time, and proceeded to smash through the fake spending limit I set for myself on the ride over. I’m not going to say it was the most fabric I’ve ever bought in one go, but…..it was a good haul.

It bought it with decorating in mind, since Dan and I are moving to a new place next month.

For curtains

Some throw pillows maybe?

Christmas decorations?

Who the hell even knows??

And that’s not even all of it….

2 thoughts on “Going overboard in DC”

  1. Is it genetic? I love Marimekko, just checked out their site, how cool are those Converse! I’m jealous of your haul & time w/ the cousins.

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