Chiffon Maxi Skirt

It turns out my ill-advised love affair with chiffon is not over.  It’s a tricky minx- slithering around, fraying every which way, bunching up behind the needle.  I keep trying to swear it off….

but then I wandered over to windmil fabrics on my lunchbreak yesterday and saw these gorgeous blue stripes.  So I thought “one more thing can’t hurt…. lemme just whip up a July 4th maxi real quick.”



And that’s what I did!  I’m quite pleased by how it turned out, and I finished it just in time for our backyard barbecue   Well, sort of.  In typical fashion, everyone showed up at least an hour late, and I was actually still sewing on the hook and eye  when the first guest finally arrived.

IMG_0853  IMG_0854

This time the chiffon was a bit easier to work with.  The last couple of things I’ve made were with silk chiffon, and it seemed to be a lot more slippery than this synthetic stuff was. The fabric is sheer, so a lining was necessary.  I didn’t want to go full length though, so I lined it just to the knees to keep things breezy and avoid any sort of unintended Ren Faire/Sansa Stark effect.


I didn’t use a pattern for this one, I just  read some blog posts to see how other people did it.   Elastic waistbands usually look horrible on me, so I avoided that and instead went the invisible zipper route. I originally tried to make the waistband out of the lining fabric, thinking that it would be a cute detail (aka feeling too lazy to make a waistband out of the chiffon), but that turned out awful.  The lining fabric looked cheap (probably because it is) and it was way too flimsy.  So I ripped it out and decided to bite the bullet and make a waistband with the chiffon.  Once I fused it to some interfacing it was even easier to work with than the lining fabric anyway, and I think the wide stripey waistband looks pretty awesome, so I’m glad I re-did it.

The whole project took maybe 5 hours and cost about $16.  So eat your heart out, American Apparel:

Screen Shot 2013-07-04 at 10.10.21 PM

Hope you all had a happy 4th!



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